Refurbish The Bedroom – But Only After The Renovation

The bedroom is getting old and should be replaced by a new one? Then no hasty decision should be made. First of all, the right bedroom should be found. Once you have found the right wood tone, the right shape, and size, you should consider whether the old wall design still fits the new bedroom. Usually, this is not the case, so it is time to start painting again.

Special Flair In The Bedroom With A Glossy And Metal Look

A particularly elegant flair can be achieved, for example, with the gloss or metal look. Those who have discovered this for themselves first paint the wall with a color of their choice. The paint is applied criss-cross and then wiped over it with a structure brush. This creates the wiping technique, which is a beautiful surface for the glossy and metal look.

The metal look is based on colors with glittering pigments. These are also applied criss-cross with the structure brush on the wall. The paint must be mixed thoroughly regularly. This is the only way for the glitter particles to get onto the wall and not remain on the bottom of the bucket.

Comb Look In The Bedroom

The comb look, which is particularly effective in modern living spaces, is also popular. The basis is a smooth surface as the subsurface. Incidentally, there are special colors for the comb look in stores. These are applied to the wall, square by square meter, with a simple paint roller. To increase the effect, paint is wet on wet.

The still-wet paint is then processed with a brush, which creates structures in the paint. In doing so, the paint will repeatedly collect on the brush, which should be removed. This ensures an even result. If you like, you can now apply a finish with glitter particles so that the glossy and metal look can also come into play here.

Find The Right Bed For The Bedroom

Single bed, double bed, water bed, feather bed, four-poster bed, or bunk bed – the modern bed houses offer a considerable selection of different models! In addition, you have to decide on a suitable design and a mattress with sufficient comfort. For health reasons, too, you shouldn’t make the decision too easy for yourself. Most buyers make their decision based on lying comfort – and thus also on the mattress. This is certainly not a bad practice, as it is responsible for ensuring that the muscles and the sleeper themselves relax optimally. Which material you choose – latex, foam, water filling, or spring core – is a matter of taste and feeling. The elasticity should play a big role in the selection. If you press your fist firmly on the surface as a test, it should only give way at this one point. Foam works best with movements, as the soft material adapts particularly well to the body. However, the degrees of hardness of the individual manufacturers are often not comparable, and the material can also lose its comfort at different speeds. The respective mattress should also be turned several times a year so that the lying surface is better ventilated and does not lose its shape quite as quickly. A suitable slatted frame is also not to be despised in terms of lying comfort, whereas the bed frame is purely a matter of taste. The colors and the material should be in the course; the bedroom with the rest of the furnishings does not bite either.

Other Furnishing Tips For The Bedroom

The position of the bed is of the utmost importance for the room layout. Some like to have a look at the door from their bed; others find it uncomfortable. In addition, chests of drawers and cupboards may have to fit into the room. Our tip: A picnic blanket as a placeholder can provide clarity in advance. We also recommend a uniform color tone to our readers because harmony is important in the bedroom. The light sources and blackout options should also be chosen carefully.